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Alumni Center Address

Alumni Association
of the University of Michigan
200 Fletcher St.
Ann Arbor, MI 48109-1007


Sarah Sheldon, Development Assistant


(734) 764.0384
(800) 847.4764


(734) 615.3151

Members of the Alumni Association:

Please join me in supporting the Victors for Michigan campaign: a University-wide effort designed to make our great university stronger than ever. The Alumni Association is asking for your help in generating support for the work we’ve already begun. Our goal is to create an even more extraordinary community that deepens and enriches the experience of every University of Michigan graduate–one that not only meets but surpasses the expectations of those it serves.

We will do this by asking our members to support our most important campaign initiatives: LEAD scholarships, club scholarships, and Camp Michigania. We are also asking members to join The 2017 Fund, which celebrates the University’s upcoming bicentennial. This fund provides supporters with a life membership and the opportunity to give to any of the three campaign initiatives. By making your contribution, you are helping to foster an ever-greater sense of belonging and connection among alumni and to expand the promise of higher education to future Leaders and Best.

So we are asking you to give. Because you’re never far away from where you started. Because excellence never rests. Because your connection to Blue runs deep. Because we all Hail as one. And because, as Victors, it’s what we do.

Yours for Michigan,

Steve Grafton
President and CEO
Alumni Association of the University of Michigan

Meet our LEAD Scholars.

LEAD is more than just a scholarship – it is a community of scholars who grow together through career exploration, alumni and peer mentoring, leadership, community service, and social opportunities. Our LEAD scholars are impressive and inspiring students who are living examples of leadership, excellence, achievement, and diversity.

“The LEAD Scholars Program is unparalleled. There is a huge sense of community and support that motivates students not only to excel academically, but to aim for the best careers, internships, and experiences postgraduation.” — Monique Becker, LEAD Scholar

“If I could, I would let the donors know that their support is much more than a financial investment in us. It lets us know that our effort and discipline was worth it. It gives us the ability to attend U-M and access its large amount of resources and opportunities.” — Gabriel Aguilera, LEAD Scholar